Goodbye and Hello

I’m doing my best Maneki Neko and beckoning my old followers over here.

Hold on to your hats! It’s for reals now! I’m now officially ensconced here on this shiny new blog leaving the old Damselfly’s Delights to fossilize back on Blogger. If you’re a new reader and are curious or a previous reader and want to get back there for some reason, just click on the Old Blog link in the menu up top. There are nearly 14 years worth of posts on there: some good, some not-so and some just me nattering on. I’m not planning to take them down but I’m unhappy with the way things are going – or not going – on Blogger. There are plans to integrate it with Google+. Meh. Whatevs, as the young people say. I’m here now so out with the old and in with the new! Let’s see where this one will take us, shall we?

I have plans to post an introduction for those who are new to me and my obsessions…er, interests, but that might take a little time to produce. There’s kind of a lot to say! Meanwhile I have a current projects list, which is probably more for me than maybe of interest to others. Might give you a clue to my main focus on textiles. Anyhow, I’d like to add this to every post from now on but we’ll see how that goes.

Currently working on:

  • Sewing: 4 Bras Light Copper (pattern Pin-Up Girls Ingrid). Status: 50%
  • Knitting: Deciduous Pullover (pattern self-designed). Status: 75%
  • Knitting: Blue Dragon Socks (pattern “Shur-tugal by Alice Yu). Status: 35%
  • Spinning: Coopworth, Grey (2/ply sweater-quantity). Status: 1 out of 6 bobbins singles.
  • Spinning: Corriedale, Fernwood (250g from Aurelia). Status: .5 bobbin singles.

12 thoughts on “Goodbye and Hello”

  1. you are definitely visible… I look forward to seeing where you go with your creativity in the future!

    (And, I wouldn’t have gone through the sign-in procedures for anyone else…)


  2. ooooohh……..a lovely new format. Hoping that this one likes me. ;-). So glad to see that you linked your “old” blog…… sew (so) much good stuff there.


  3. welcome to WordPress, I’ve blogged on it for 10 years and been very happy (mostly). Have bookmarked the new Damselfly so I can continue to enjoy your words – although don’t think I’ll ever attempt making a bra. Best of luck, it takes courage to make such a big change.


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