Short Summer Odyssey

It’s been a bit quiet around here lately but that’s because I’ve been away on the Annual Fambly Camping Trip. This time we went to Horne Lake on Vancouver Island and even though the weather wasn’t particularly cooperative it was rather fun.

The campsite was excellent and only a short path to the beach. We managed to squeeze in some swimming and some relaxing with books and a cider between rain showers. The whole gang attempted to explore the Horne Lake Caves. Here’s the intrepid cave explorers:

Minus the Grandpa acting as photographer. One half of the party (aka my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter) made it about a couple of metres in. Thom and I and our 12-year old grandson (our son’s youngest) made it about twice as far. Same for the second cave we tried. Even though Thom and I have explored lots of cave systems over the last 15 years or so, these caves are undeveloped and a quite difficult for the average person. We didn’t go on a paid cave tour which may or may not have been more accessible. However the guides were definitely not very forthcoming on ability levels needed even though we asked explicitly. Kind of disappointing really. Eventually the other half went back to camp while The Boy and Thom and I hiked up in the (warm) rain to one last cave. We made it a little further into this one with some delicate maneuvering to get down a ladder. At least we could show The Boy how dark it is in the caves when you turn out the lights! Then he found an alternate exit:

As his first caving experience I think he was fairly pleased! I wouldn’t consider this that great myself though because I’ve definitely been in much better and more accessible systems. I’m sure that stronger, young, more athletic people could have gotten much further than we did. Whatever. We did what we could and enjoyed it as much as possible.

My other project for this trip was to knit a hoodie for a pig.

The special request was a sweater for Waddles. I brought yarn and needles and The Boy brought the pig. Lots of measuring and trying it on with no actual pattern but I think it turned out okay. Some random knitting worsted from the stash, size 5mm needles and a couple of days of knitting and there you go! A final round of crochet to snug up the hood opening and both the pig and The Boy were very happy.

I have to admit this has been rather an odd summer so far. Cool and cloudy and occasionally wet. I have to admit that’s better than last year’s forest fires and smoke. You takes what you gets, right? Forecasts are calling for warmer weather coming up so I’ll be complaining about having to water. No pleasing some people!

Back to the sewing machine.


Trash or Treasure

I’ve just begun a rather difficult reassessment of all my crafty stashes. This is not going to be done quickly or without pain – both kinds: physical (books and magazines are heavy!) and emotional (that item reminds me of a special time/place/person and I had plans for it!). No, I haven’t gotten on the Kondo bandwagon. I’m not going by “it sparks joy” but more like “will I use it, ever”. Some of this stuff has been lurking about here for 40 years! Also needs and tastes change. Honestly, I only have just so long left in my life even if I consider the best-case scenario. How many projects can I finish before I’m incapable of finishing them?

So here’s part of the first lot sorted off the shelves:

Yes, I’ve read every single one!

Some has already found new homes. This bunch represents crafts that I think are exciting and inspiring and all, but I don’t want to do them myself anymore. These books and magazines are mostly from the early 2000’s – kind of the heyday of publishing before the Internet stole it all. Showing off these types of embellished creations are what Instagram and Pinterest are perfect for and all you need to see them is a device and an online connection. Since that is considerably cheaper for most people, bye-bye paper magazines. If you’re into perusing through them though, a lot of the lovely stuff in these publications remains relevant today. But I’m ready to move them on to someone who hopefully can appreciate them. I’ve already booked a table at a one-day craft supply sale in April (at the Silk Purse, West Vancouver, BC, noon-4pm). We’ll see how that goes. I hate selling. Just sayin’. Mostly I’ll probably just be giving it away.

And I’m not finished sorting yet! I’m kind of stalled on the beadwork shelves. Actually I would love to do what I did with my lacemaking supplies – find someone who belongs to an interest group and let them have it all to distribute in whatever way works for them. Know any local-to-me beaders? I used to years ago but interests change. Another thing that is stalling me is that my oldest granddaughter is becoming interested in making jewelry as an adjunct to her cosplay makes. She needs a chance to tell me what she would like to use before I sell anything. And then there’s the beads that will fit on my knitting yarns that I’d like to keep. And Thom doesn’t want me to get rid of the wire stuff quite yet. Ummm…it’s complicated.

Which is why I haven’t already done this job in any major way before now! I’m (mostly) ready to do it but it’s obviously going to be an ongoing project for awhile as I make multiple passes through everything. The good news is I’m getting a chance to look more carefully at it all and remember what I actually already have. That should prevent me from adding very much to the collection(s). Notice I’m not saying that I’m never going to buy any crafty stuff ever again? That would just be mean, wouldn’t it? Especially with Fibres West coming up very soon!

Goodbye and Hello

I’m doing my best Maneki Neko and beckoning my old followers over here.

Hold on to your hats! It’s for reals now! I’m now officially ensconced here on this shiny new blog leaving the old Damselfly’s Delights to fossilize back on Blogger. If you’re a new reader and are curious or a previous reader and want to get back there for some reason, just click on the Old Blog link in the menu up top. There are nearly 14 years worth of posts on there: some good, some not-so and some just me nattering on. I’m not planning to take them down but I’m unhappy with the way things are going – or not going – on Blogger. There are plans to integrate it with Google+. Meh. Whatevs, as the young people say. I’m here now so out with the old and in with the new! Let’s see where this one will take us, shall we?

I have plans to post an introduction for those who are new to me and my obsessions…er, interests, but that might take a little time to produce. There’s kind of a lot to say! Meanwhile I have a current projects list, which is probably more for me than maybe of interest to others. Might give you a clue to my main focus on textiles. Anyhow, I’d like to add this to every post from now on but we’ll see how that goes.

Currently working on:

  • Sewing: 4 Bras Light Copper (pattern Pin-Up Girls Ingrid). Status: 50%
  • Knitting: Deciduous Pullover (pattern self-designed). Status: 75%
  • Knitting: Blue Dragon Socks (pattern “Shur-tugal by Alice Yu). Status: 35%
  • Spinning: Coopworth, Grey (2/ply sweater-quantity). Status: 1 out of 6 bobbins singles.
  • Spinning: Corriedale, Fernwood (250g from Aurelia). Status: .5 bobbin singles.