Finally, An Intro Of Sorts

Hello, my lovelies! I’m really happy that a number of my old followers have been able to join us over here on the new blog. Whew! Thanks for coming! But for any new people out there, welcome! I would like this to be a warm and welcoming place for everyone regardless of shape, size, colour, race, creed, gender, sexuality, nationality or politics. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with anything I post, I hope you will let me know. We are all learning and I would appreciate an opportunity to apologise rather than be ignorant of an offence. Let us all work to create the world we want to live in!

So, who is this damselfly person anyway? In today’s parlance I’m a West Coast Canadian, white, female, cis-gender, heterosexual, senior, introvert, married with 2 adult married children and 3 grandchildren. In other words, a granny who is rather obsessed with all things textile, my garden, and the occasional foray off into the hinterlands in our vintage VW Westfalia. Does that about cover it? Snicker…not hardly! But it’s the best I can do without writing an entire memoir. And boring the heck out of everyone, including me.

You will notice that I don’t separate my crafts, gardening and our travels into separate blogs. I don’t really understand why others compartmentalize like that. My life is all one big adventure! If you aren’t interested in some of my babbling I fully expect you to scroll on. Maybe you’ll enjoy the next post better. Or not. But just so you are warned that I can flit all over the place – even in a single post.

For example, today I have a finished project! Or four. I finally completed the last of the Ingrid bras:

3 Light Copper bras
The odd one!

OK, before you tell me that’s a lot of rather boring bras, let me remind you that I’ve been experimenting with how many I can get out of a reasonable order from Bra-makers Supply. I discovered that .5 M of duoplex, .25 M of power net, .25 M of cut and sew foam, 3 M 3/4” firm band elastic, 4 M 3/8” firm band elastic, 3 M 3/8” fold-over elastic, 4 3X3 hook & eyes and 4 slider & ring sets equals 4 bras. There will be extra power net and a lot of extra foam but those are the minimum pieces you can get. Of course if you wear a different bra size than I do, your needs will be different! Mine is a 4.25” BCD/32” band and I’m really good at squeezing pattern pieces together while still keeping the grainlines (aka DOGS) correct.

Now you’re wondering why the last bra is different. I only ordered 3 sets of findings instead of 4 not knowing I could manage to cut one more. Also why not? After I saw a inspirational photo on Bra-makers’ blog, I decided to try a cross-back strap to keep the straps situated in farther for more cut-away sleeveless tops. It’s made from a spare piece of underbust elastic instead of strap elastic but who cares? Unfortunately I need help doing up this bra! Can’t get into it by myself. Sigh. Not that the Bearded One minds helping! Ahem. But I don’t think I’ll be making more of this style right away. Besides, now I have a whole bra collection including the ones I made earlier. Three that are a little small but wearable and maybe half-a-dozen better ones? I lost count! Damselfly’s Bra Factory is now closed for business. We will now go onto other things. Was that a collective sigh of relief I heard?

4 thoughts on “Finally, An Intro Of Sorts”

  1. You have been very busy in your bra factory… most impressive. Maybe someday I will try bra-making, just not this year. You make it seem very possible to do, though. I can’t remember, did you take a class first, or just dive in? And how did I miss reading earlier that you had a Westphalia? Years ago I had my beloved “Green Tiger Two”, a pop-top VW camper van… went on lots of adventures back then, made lots of happy memories. I hope that you are keeping warm, and I am sure that you are keeping busy!


    1. Nope! I didn’t take an in-person class, just Beverly Johnson’s Craftsy classes. Plus I bought her 2 manuals way back. Apart from trying to fit her Classic bra which wasn’t especially successful, I ended up drafting my own underwire bra from scratch that looks just like her Shelley. But I still totally prefer non-wired.

      And yes, we’ve had our Westie aka Fraulein Blau (Ms. Blue) for 30 years now! Taking good care of her since she’s irreplaceable.


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