We’re well into the dog days of summer here. I can tell because I feel like I should be panting with my tongue out like a dog! Hot. We spend half our lives watering the garden and the other half hunting for ways to use up all the beans and zucchini. Perhaps I planted too many but you never know how well they are going to do. Extra is better than not enough, right?

I have 6 different kinds of beans so they’re rather pretty together:

Many beans

Too bad the Burgundy ones cook up green and the speckled Dragon Tongues fade to yellow in the pot! Currently I have about 10 pounds worth in the fridge. We’re eating them as fast as we can because I won’t use them if they’re frozen or canned or pickled. Fresh is best!

So my studio has been rather steamy even with the big fan on but I have been persevering with the sewing anyway. In a switch from green I’ve been working on this brick red poly twill fabric that’s been lurking in the Deep Stash for who knows how long. I tested out the downsized version of Grainline’s Farrow dress with long sleeves.

Farrow dress with sleeves

This is a much smaller size than I made the first time and I like it much better. Not nearly so voluminous. Now I want another sleeveless one too! Putting it in the queue.

With the leftover twill I cut the outer layer of a slightly revised Sew Liberated Metamorphic Dress. The underlayer is a poly voile in a softly coordinating floral that’s probably been around since the 1980’s judging by the colours. So nice to use this stuff up finally! The bodice fits better on this one than my first attempt last year but for such a simple shape it seams hard to get right. At least it’s mostly pretty bra-friendly so I can wear it without a t-shirt underneath.

Metamorphic double layers
Flower side out

I like that there’s pockets on both layers, though I did increase the size of the outer patch pockets because they seemed a little too tiny. I’ve actually worn it with the floral side out most often even though I don’t think of myself as a flower print person.

So that’s the last of the brick red projects. Next up there’s a grey shirt. And then I’ll have to start cutting out more garments. No shortage of patterns and fabrics around here!

4 thoughts on “Woof!”

  1. I do like your downsized Farrow dress! I think it would be great over Bermuda shorts!! and leggings of course. But, I really, really like the sleeveless flowered side of your new dress.


  2. Those beans look amazing, even if they don’t keep their color after cooking…

    Looking at the two sides of your dress, my opinion is that the floral side is a better combination of colors to compliment your own skin tones/hair color. The rust solid color is more of a contrast and that is what you see, whereas the floral print is a bit softer in appearance while still being in your color palette, and lets your face be more of the focal point.

    The only reason I notice this is that I have observed something similar in my own wardrobe, the difference between someone saying to me “wow that dress is a great color” and “wow, you look great in that new dress”. For me, that realisation led me to shift from wearing jewel tones like bright purple and cobalt blue, to more complex colors and slightly more subtlly greyed ones.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts on this, Alison. I do love my dark earthy fall tones and I don’t normally worry about whether it’s a good palette for me or not! But I’m wondering if my fading-to-grey hair colour is having an effect I hadn’t totally anticipated. I do know I don’t reach for black like I used to but grey or taupe instead. Interesting!


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