I Need Nothing!

Oh. My. Goodness. Do I have a lot of stuff or what?!! It’s been weeks and weeks and I’m still not quite finished going through the studio, including the two attic spaces and the closet. One last corner of yarns and books left to go. And then I get to start on the other room next door, aka The Study! Yup, there’s more. Sigh. Two more attic spaces and a very large closet as well as 6 bookcases. And then there’s the dye/surface design stuff in the basement. Ack!!! I did get rid of some of this lot a year ago but it’s past time to do a more thorough job. I still have far too much! I’m completely beyond what I could possibly use for the rest of my natural life. Fact.

So please continue to remind me that I have almost no need to purchase supplies ever again? I will just have to stay far away from suppliers’ shops, websites, thrift stores, other crafts people’s downsizing, and saddest of all, I’ve decided not to go to Fibres West this year. That’s our local spinning and weaving show on next month (sorry, for some reason I can’t put a link in right now). I know I won’t be able to control myself so I’ll just avoid temptation. Big sigh. I will miss seeing all the familiar faces and getting hugs. My credit card is happy anyhow. Even if I’m not.

I’ve sworn I will make exceptions to this no-new-stuff rule only if there’s something I really need to finish a project that I absolutely can’t substitute from the existing stash. And even then, I’ll ONLY buy that thing and nothing else! Lets see how long I can keep this up. So far I’ve only bought one PDF pattern since January 1. Yes, I consider it a necessity since I already have a plan and found the fabric for it while inventorying the fabric stash. And it’s not something I already have that’s similar or could easily sub for.

No sewing is happening right now anyway though. Cleaning and chucking only! I have to keep going while the spirit moves, right? I’m afraid that if I stop, I won’t get back to it again. Meanwhile, check out my beauteous newly polished loom!

Woolhouse Gertrude #27 (1989)

She has no warp on her, poor thing, but I have plans. Eventually. For starters, I’m running out of handwoven tea towels that aren’t ragged! And I could use a few potholders too. I have yarns and I know how to use ’em. But cleaning…chucking…priorities…

And here’s the clean sewing area. Hope I can find things now that I’ve moved stuff around in all those drawers. You can’t see them but there’s even 8 more drawers holding up the cutting table. Oh and that vintage chest of drawers looks so much nicer now that I’ve cleared it off and polished it. There’s a lot to be said for lemon oil, isn’t there?

All shiny and clean.

I’ve discovered that this kind of deep cleaning, sorting and reorganising takes a number of passes through the sequence. Each time I do it, I find more things I really have no need for and I’m finally ready to let them go. It’s hard! Really hard. I’m not anything remotely resembling a minimalist. I tend to want to hold onto supplies if I can envision a project with them. However, I need to be honest with whether or not I will ever get around to doing it. Chances are probably not. I’m nearly 70 and my body has some osteoarthritis going on which restricts how I use it. My hands in particular. Not to mention the fact that it takes time to make things. Lots and lots of time. I really do enjoy the making but how much of that increasingly precious commodity of time do I want to spend on each project? And then too, how many finished items do I actually need? So many questions to ask myself. It’s no wonder I haven’t been sleeping well. Brain is going around and around as it ponders.

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2 thoughts on “I Need Nothing!”

  1. Ooooo……you have indeed been hard at work! Your studio is looking very, very fine!

    You’ve brought up a good point…the social aspect of ‘buying’ events. I enjoy going to social sewing events to chat with like-minded souls. Many of these shows, events, gatherings do have the ‘sales’ aspect to them. Of course there’s never any pressure to buy anything, but it’s so hard not to. 1. When I’m in an inspiring setting…well, I feel inspired and the wheels turn and I think of all the things to make. 2. ALL the pretty things 3. I love to support small craft business.


    1. You are so right, Sue! And the social part is important especially for this introvert. However I have been going to these events for decades and it seems that less and less is of interest to me. Doesn’t stop me from buying stuff I don’t really need though. Supporting small businesses is a worthy goal but not at the expense of becoming a hoarder! I’m too close to that designation already, believe me.


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