Carrying On

How is everyone holding up? Out in cyberspace I see lots of calming videos and images and lots of jokes and laughter too. Keep it up! We can get through this together even if we have to all stay apart. Best line I saw somewhere that stuck with me is this:

Introverts, put down your book and go check in on the poor extroverts now. They’re suffering!

I know. It’s not so funny if you’re truly lonely and isolated. But society is usually so dominated by the extroverts among us that it’s kind of interesting that we introverts actually have an advantage during the current situation. I can be alone for awhile without becoming lonely. I don’t need (or even want) constant stimulation and conversation. Plus I have lots of solo activities that I enjoy. On the other hand if this goes on too long, I’m kind of glad I’m sharing my isolation space with my spouse! Who is also an introvert.

You know, everyone talks about COVID-19 but do you personally know anyone who has it? My son picked up what we think is the dreaded virus at his shop thanks to an inconsiderate customer. It’s unconfirmed. He can’t get tested because they’re saving that for the serious cases but in consultation with the BC Health med-line and his doctor by phone, they’re pretty sure. Luckily he’s not too ill and is on the mend now. His family (wife and two teenagers) haven’t shown signs of coming down with it. Yet. Though the kids might kill each other first! They’re self-isolating in their small apartment with the golden retriever while building comes to a halt (by government order) on their new one. It’s already a year behind schedule. Are we having fun yet? Kind of happy we haven’t seen any of our kids in person for nearly a month! But I worry about them all.

So I finished a thing. When I discovered that I cut this jacket out back in November, I was amazed that it took me so long! Of course I was distracted by the Make Space Project. Even I am not that slow of a sewist. I had it half finished and hanging out on Debbie Double for months so I finally got it together and got it done. It’s dark and rainy today so I settled for a hanger shot with supplementary lighting.

In The Folds Flynn Jacket
Inside view of the seams

It turned out a little more oversized than I prefer but it’s not really any worse than my Issey Miyake jacket. I actually used the same size as my vest version that I made last year but the jacket has more ease with that wide back pleat and drop shoulders. I did get the sleeves the right length exactly though so I don’t have to turn up the cuffs unless I want to. There was a little trouble with the drapey linen crepe fabric stretching out on the seams. They’re a little wavy especially down the front edges. I probably really should have used my walking foot but didn’t. I was too busy switching back and forth from the regular foot to the stitch-in-the-ditch foot to sew the binding. I love that foot! I never had one with my old sewing machine and it just makes getting really close to the seam so easy. Also happiness for snap-on feet too. On the other hand, the walking foot is a lot more involved to install than my old Pfaff’s IDT foot which was built in. Ya wins some; ya loses some.

I’ve been out in my garden and for plenty of walks while the sun was shining. I got my peas planted a week early this year! My wee seedlings are going to need transplanting into bigger pots very soon (like starting tomorrow). And then begins the Daily Schlep – taking them out to the greenhouse every morning and back inside every evening until they are ready to go in the garden. There’s not enough room under the lights for them all and I need space to plant the tomatoes very soon. I was realizing that it’s a very good thing that I was able to buy my seeds before all the shops shut or I would have had to resort to mail ordering them. Not sure if we’re going to get our scheduled manure order delivered in a couple of weeks or not. We’re all in a waiting game here, aren’t we?

Sending virtual hugs to everyone! Stay well and stay occupied as best you can. As my auld Scots mum used to say: “This too shall pass”.

2 thoughts on “Carrying On”

  1. Flynn Tastic! Emily of In the Folds is so talented and I love her designs! Love those pockets! And the fabulous fabric (did you die it?). And the beautiful seams! I’m interested in how you use the stitch in the ditch foot (which I have) for the seam binding. (Do tell, please.) Does the foot have room to move the needle to the side? (Mine doesn’t which could explain my query.) I’m also wondering what machine you have now? One of my machines is a Pfaff Passport 3.0, which is awesome for a small machine. I also have a Bernina (insert sad emoji because my “new” one and I don’t get along) and a walking foot I’ve never used. So clunky. Scary. Gotta love the IDT.
    I’m jealous of your planting, since we had 8″ of snow this week. (Up upstate New York. (The safer part, and on my mountain top.) Best wishes for your family’s health! (It must be ‘Q time’ – I’ve got plenty of time to write!)


    1. Oh my! I could write an entire blog post to answer all your questions! I will say that yes, I dyed the fabric and it did not go smoothly (3rd time’s the charm?) but I do like it in the end. My machine is a Janome HD5000. The stitch in the ditch foot that I used somehow seems to sew in exactly the right place with the needle in centre position. All I have to do is aim the metal “keel” down the edge right beside the folded bias tape. Yeah, those walking feet are definitely clunky but do a good job anyway. I miss my IDT on my old 1222E (ca 1978) though. I wore the poor thing out after 40 years! It couldn’t be repaired because parts are no longer available.

      Poor you with the snow! We are in Zone 8 here so spring is well along and the plums and cherries are blooming. So pretty. Your time will come soon.

      Thanks for commenting! Stay well.


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